About DNSimple

DNSimple is a hosted DNS Service Provider that you can use to manage your domains.

You’re tired of confusing, complicated domain management. You’re tired of complex pricing. You’re tired of constantly being bombarded by upselling. You want to register a domain and set up its DNS with as little effort as possible. You want to be able to automate everything. This is why we built and nurture DNSimple.

We care deeply about making our service a joy to use and as simple as possible. We love DNS so much that we made a webcomic about it! Take a look at HowDNSWorks.

howdnsworks comic

Rather than offering only DNS services, or focusing on domain registration without a focus on excellent DNS, we unite both aspects of managing domains (and throw in SSL certificates) to provide a streamlined system for managing all of your domains easily so you can do other things instead of fighting with your DNS service provider. We offer both a web interface and an iPhone application for adding and removing domains and DNS records as well as an HTTP API with various code libraries and tools.

We're also big fans of Go! We use it for our redirector application as well as for providing zones to all of our name servers. We also use, and contribute to, a variety of open source Go project. Visit the DNSimple site to find out more about how we use Go.

Whether you set your DNS records and then move on to more pressing concerns or you manage a highly dynamic infrastructure with constant DNS changes, DNSimple makes your life easier and saves you time and money.